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Transaction Fee Distribution

Distribution Mechanism

The fees generated at KSwap exchange will be distributed proportionally among the following three sectors:
  • Buyback of KST and deposited in treasury
  • Operation foundation
  • NFT bonus
Distribution Strategy:
Multiple, consistent distributions are made according to a fixed distribution frequency and a fixed amount, which may be adjusted based on the availability of fees.
Once the distribution is started, it will never stop. When the fees are exhausted, the distribution will be suspended and will continue to start once the fees generated are sufficient for the next distribution.
The Purpose of buyback of KST: The buyback portion will remain locked position and the decision on what to do with it in the future will be made by community self-governance proposal.

Distribution Example

Assuming that the distribution frequency is once every 5 minutes, the single distribution amount is 1000 USDT, and the distribution ratio is: 70% for buyback KST, 20% for operating fund, and 10% for NFT bonus, then in each distribution, 700 USDT will be used for buyback KST, 200 USDT will go to the operating fund, and 100 USDT will go to the NFT bonus suspense account.
Taking one week as an example, the total amount actually distributed according to the parameters above is 7 * 24 * 60 / 5 * 1000 = 2016000 USDT. the amount used for buyback of KST is 1411200 USDT and the amount used for NFT bonus is 201600 USDT.

Distribution Ratio Range

The distribution ratio will be fine-tuned based on current operations, but may not exceed the following ranges:
Buyback of KST and deposited in treasury: 70% lower limit 80% upper limit
Operating fund: 10% lower limit 20% upper limit
NFT cards bonus: 5% lower limit 10% upper limit