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KSwap Finance Introduction

What is KSwap Finance?

KSwap Finance is a decentralized trading platform deployed on OKC. KSwap Finance is based on the proven Money Pool Automatic Market Making Algorithm (AMM) and implements various mining mechanisms such as digital currency exchange, as well as liquidity mining and transaction mining. It is also the first to launch products such as KUniverse and KStarter to explore more ways to play and meet the needs of more users.
Official website:
Since the launch of beta testing in February 2021, KSwap Finance has attracted a high level of interest from the blockchain community. In addition, KSwap Finance has established strategic partnerships with many projects in the OKC ecosystem. Over 800[1] pairs have been added to the platform's liquidity pool, which means that KSwap Finance has great potential to become a leading DEX.
KSwap Finance is designed to meet different financial needs, based on cutting-edge blockchain technology, connecting the entire blockchain world via web 3.0. For more information on how to use the individual products of KSwap Finance, please refer to the official guide.
[1] The latest data can be viewed at
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