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1. Install MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask website:
In Chrome, for example, download and install the MetaMask Wallet plugin in the Chrome online app store.
Once installed, open MetaMask.
By default, the wallet is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet, click on the Ethereum Mainnet, and in the drop-down menu, click on Custom RPC:
Fill in the OKExChain RPC data in the form:
Mainnet RPC
Testnet RPC
Networt Name: OKExChain
Chain ID: 66
Currency Symbol: OKT
Block Explorer URL:
Networt Name: OKExChain Testnet
Chain ID: 65
Currency Symbol: OKT
Once the configuration is complete and saved, switch to that network.

2. Use KSwap

Take Swap for example, open the KSwap official website:
Click Connect to a wallet in the upper right corner and select MetaMask.
Once connected, you can use KSwap.