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Grading System

KUniverse NFT card content is based on the current observable universe of celestial systems, divided into seven levels, the total number of cards and the corresponding weight of each level are as follows:

Mystery Boxes Mechanism

KUniverse has a total of 20,000 mystery boxes, each of which can be randomly opened to reveal a different card. The mystery boxes can be traded on the platform directly.
View Mystery Boxes: Home → My Cards → Boxes
How do I get a mystery box?
  1. 1.
    Community members who participated in the bug submission or giving us suggestions activity during the KSwap public testing will receive a mystery box;
  2. 2.
    All participants who participated in KSwap Public Testing Rewards Activity(joining the Telegraph group, following Twitter, participating in liquidity mining) will receive a mystery box.

How to Play

Card Information

All KUniverse cards are obtained by opening a mystery box with the following information about the card contents:
More detailed data on the card can be found by going to the card details:
In addition to the level and weight, you can also check the rarity and the owner. The higher the rarity is, the rarer the card is.

Card Trading

All mystery boxes and celestial cards can be traded through the marketplace built into the KUniverse system, using KST as the unit of measure. Cards placed in the marketplace can have their prices changed and their sales canceled.

Dividend Pool

KSwap regularly contributes a fixed percentage of transaction fees to create a dividend pool. Before the start of each dividend, NFT holders can stake their cards, and the sum of the staked arithmetic power is the user's weight, which is used as the weight for the dividend. After the dividend starts, NFT holders can receive their own dividend rewards.

HashRate Add-on Rules

  • Level 1 cards >= 6, 10% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 2 cards >= 4, 20% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 3 cards >= 4, 30% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 4 cards >= 4, 40% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 5 cards >= 4, 50% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 6 cards >= 4, 60% increase in overall HashRate
  • Level 7 cards >= 2, 70% increase in overall HashRate
  • Collecting level 1 to 4 cards will increase the overall HashRate power by 20%
  • Collecting cards from level 1 to 7 will increase the overall HashRate by 44%
Each level has a hidden card, and the HashRate of the hidden card is twice as much as the HashRate of the card of the same level. The hidden cards are: Moon (level 1), Proxima (level 2), Sensui 4 (level 3), Ursa Major (level 4), Crab Nebula (level 5), Great Spiral Galaxy (level 6), and Singularity (level 7).


The user holds 1 card of rank 1, 1 card of rank 2, 2 cards of rank 3 and 1 card of rank 4 which means you have 1-4 level cards. The original weight is 1*1+1*2+2*5+1*10=23. Since the user has collected all ranks 1-4, the weight becomes 23*(1+0.2)=27.6 after pledging (since the contract cannot handle decimals, it will be rounded up to 27).

Staking Cards

You can stake up to ten cards at a time on the My Cards → Owned page. The cards staked to the bonus pool can be viewed on the My Cards → Staking page.

Cancel Staking

You can cancel staking on the My Cards → staking page, selecting up to ten cards at a time. The canceled cards can be traded.